Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Utah DUI Laws are not Tough?

When someone dies or is seriously injured, the first reaction is to find blame. Here is a prime example. The MADD team cries we are not tough enough on first time offenders. Their irrational rationale is that if we were tougher the first time, this would not have happened. However, I suspect that this young kid did not have a prior DUI conviction. What is not being said is that a DUI has some of the most serious consequences in our criminal justice system. I have seen more serious crimes, felony crimes, that have been dealt with in a lighter fashion than a first time DUI offender.

What about the innocent? What if a person comes in to Court falsely accused? The papers and public have already convicted this young man. He has not had a hearing to find out the facts. He has not been given any presumption of innocence. Before we join the witch hunt, first learn his story. I know that the Church leader who was involved in the accident and whose family was involved as asked people to pray for the young man.

Laws Could Become Tougher for DUI Offenders
February 12th, 2007 @ 6:05pm

Mary Richards and Samantha Hayes Reporting

Punishing drunk drivers is up to local judges and prosecutors. And, often times, a drunk driver can have that charge dropped by getting treatment or education. That's called a plea in abeyance, and it's the subject of a bill brought on by recent tragedies, including the one over the weekend.

The consequences for the 17-year-old driver of this SUV will be harsh: three people including a pregnant woman died because of his decision.

But last Friday night when this fatal crash happened, hundreds of other drunk drivers were also on the roads. Some of them may have been stopped and arrested. Mothers Against Drunk Driving president Art Brown says often the charges are dropped.

Advocates want lawmakers and prosecutors to get tougher on DUIs. The legislature is looking at a few DUI bills this session.

MADD President Art Brown says we are way too soft on DUI offenders the first time.


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